AUTOMATIC WATER PUMP- Electric Heating Faucets

Product Name: Smart Pump

Product power 5w /5v

Product weight: 269 (single machine)

Water pipe length 55cm

Product color white

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product details


 * Electric heating faucet adopt the inside and out anti electric technology, overheat temperature protection, overpressure protection,anti dry protection, and eliminate the potential risk of electric faucet thorough.
* Products has the frequency conversion function,and more energy conversation and power saving.
* Electric heating faucet has the microcomputer LED function that can display the temperature, has seven grades, each grade 500watts, can be suitable for different seasons.
* Electric heating faucet has the microcomputer temperature controller system in the faucet. It can be power off automatic ,when temperature more than 60 degree. when temperature below 60 degree, It will automatic recovery heating,water saving ,power saving and that prevent hurt skin when high temperature.
* Electrical faucet-(fashion design, combine the heater function and the modelling of faucet perfect combination, open is hot water, no waiting,all weather hot water supply, purification ,the water spray can be use revolve random.

A Key to Continue The Water

Button switch, simple operation, easy access to water, no need to change the heavy water bucket, save labour.