Why choose instant electric water heater tap instead of instant electric water heater?

Release time:04-20-2020

instant electric water heater tap 1. Fast hot water The […]

instant electric water heater tap
1. Fast hot water
The hot water speed of the electric hot water faucet is very fast. Basically, it can be heated in 3 to 5 seconds. It can continuously supply hot water every day, which is convenient for the use of kitchen and bathroom space.
2. High security
I believe that many people are worried about the safety of the electric hot water faucet. In fact, its safety is very guaranteed.Not only does it have multiple levels of safety protection, but also a good protection switch leakage automatic control device.Even if there is current leakage, it can Cut off the power within 0.1 second without any hidden danger. And the channel is DC type, and it is also sealed by high pressure, so there is basically no water leakage.
Instant electric water heater
1. High power consumption
In order to ensure the characteristics of instant heat, its power is usually not lower than 6000W, and the power consumption is large, which has high requirements for the installed lines. The power cord generally needs to be above 2.5 square millimeters, and some even need to reach 4 square millimeters to reach the standard. For ordinary families, these costs are more expensive.
2. Low temperature
The characteristic of water heating is that the water temperature is difficult to be heated above 60 degrees, and in order to ensure the temperature, the maximum flow of water will not be set very large.