What repairing leaky faucet can do for the world?

Release time:12-13-2019

Did you know that your bathroom or kitchen is dripping […]

Did you know that your bathroom or kitchen is dripping happen? Leaky faucets slowly drip is actually much greater than the damage caused by your imagination.

Environmental Protection Bureau said that due to leaky faucet dripping in the house of the United States, the annual waste of nearly one trillion gallons of water.

You think it's great? Note that this equation! If there is one very leaky faucet in the house have been restored, then of course you can save one trillion gallons of water, but you also must be absorbed by pumping, water supply and water treatment capacity can be saved. Eventually wasted.

It will save electricity shocking. Again, if only one leaky faucet in the house is repaired, the United States would save about 400 million kwh of electricity per year! Most people do not understand, if you save so much power, you also save the release of greenhouse gas emissions. Annual savings of 400 million kwh of electricity, and ultimately avoid 315,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Now, with the majority of modern American residents are most meaningful terms, this means that only one of the United States by repair leaky faucet is, as you can remove about 5.5 million cars from the same car. The annual road!

Plumbers across the country are aware of these facts, but most consumers do not understand this simple fix not only have little impact on consumers of a leaky faucet, but also on the global footprint of the United States itself have much impact. Inform US citizens of their ability to make a difference is the best way to initiate positive change, so please share this information with as many people.

Plumbers are here and there every day to solve some small problems, such as sewer blockages, broken toilets and water heater does not work properly in people there. Plumber not have the opportunity to help the world get better every day.

So, if you learn only by repairing leaky faucets can help save water, electricity and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, it is what blocked you just fix the faucet?


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