What is the difference between a small kitchen treasure and an instant electric faucet?

Release time:03-09-2019

What is a small kitchen treasure? Xiaofubao is a small […]

What is a small kitchen treasure?

Xiaofubao is a small household appliance used for kitchen heating. Its professional name is “Quick-heat electric water heater (small kitchen treasure)”, which belongs to a branch of fast-heating electric water heater. The kitchen utensils mainly use electronic heating elements to heat the water flow and control the circuit to make the temperature of the water flow reach the proper range of hand washing. The small kitchen treasure is divided into two types: water storage type and instant type.

What is an electric faucet?

The electric hot water tap (also known as the hot water tap or the hot water tap) includes a faucet body and a water flow control switch. The faucet body is provided with a heating chamber and an electric control chamber, which are separated by a sealing plate, and a heating circuit is arranged in the electric control chamber. The heating chamber is provided with a heating tube, and the heating tube power is generally 2-3 KW, and the hot water can be heated in 3-5 seconds.