What is an electric faucet?

Release time:04-26-2020

The electric hot water faucet (also known as hot water […]

The electric hot water faucet (also known as hot water faucet or quick hot water faucet) includes a faucet body and a water flow control switch. The faucet body is provided with a heating cavity and an electrical control cavity, separated by a sealing plate, and a heating circuit is provided in the electrical control cavity. There is a heating tube in the heating cavity. The power of the heating tube is generally 2-3KW, and hot water can be heated in 3-5 seconds.

The heating tube is connected to the heating circuit, characterized in that the heating tube is an insulating heating tube; insulation The heating tube is a hydroelectric insulation insulated heating tube; the faucet body is mostly high temperature resistant engineering plastic type, and a few are all metal type; the electrical control chamber is provided with an insulating water pressure switch. The heating circuit is provided with an electrical switch, which is connected to the end of the insulated water pressure switch to turn on and off the water and electricity. There is a temperature controller and anti-dry burning device, and a leakage protection switch can also be provided.