What are the main functions of electric water faucet?

Release time:05-06-2020

Electric hot water faucet products are fast (outlet wat […]

Electric hot water faucet products are fast (outlet water in 3-5 seconds); convenient (no need for special installation, instant hot, cold and hot, adjustable temperature and flow); safe (automatic power off without water, water and electricity separation setting) ; Energy saving and environmental protection (saving water and electricity, no pollution); beautiful (fashion design, home decoration); compact (not occupying space); multifunctional (magnetization, purification); economical (compared to water heaters or other electric heating devices) ) And other characteristics, is a necessary household appliances for modern family life.
Electric hot water faucet products are small household appliances designed for kitchens and restrooms that cannot be heated normally. They are the best choice for convenient use of hot water in kitchens such as washing vegetables, washing dishes, cleaning, bathroom hand washing, face washing, hair washing and laundry. . It solves the daily needs of hot water in family life and public places, so that your family can easily use hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days.