What are the common faults of electric faucets? (2)

Release time:06-01-2020

1. The water output of the basin faucet and cabinet fau […]

1. The water output of the basin faucet and cabinet faucet is small, and there is no foam.
Cause of failure: low water pressure.
Countermeasure: Unscrew the faucet and change the bubbler.
2. The mandrel is leaking.
Cause of failure: mandrel water stop skin or water stop ring.
Damage countermeasures: Replace the water stopper or water stopper. If the water quality is poor, add a strainer to the faucet inlet.
3. There is noise in the body or piping when the faucet is closed.
cause of issue:
(1) Countermeasures against excessively high water pressure: reduce the water supply pressure (close the triangle valve or the water stop elbow);
(2) Quick closing strategy: avoid closing the faucet quickly;
(3) Poorly fixed piping.
Countermeasure: Re-construction.
4. Water leakage at the connection between hose and faucet.
Cause of failure: improper installation, rubber ring.
Deformation countermeasures: replace the rubber ring and reinstall.