What are the common faults of electric faucets? (1)

Release time:05-25-2020

1. After the lifting lever of the basin faucet is lifte […]

1. After the lifting lever of the basin faucet is lifted, the basin cannot hold water.
Cause of failure: There is no seat for the sink.
Sealing measures: Put putty or silicone on the bottom of the bottom ring.
2. The basin faucet will automatically slide down after being lifted.
Cause of failure: less installation of tie rod washer or nut is not tightened.
Countermeasure: Install washer of connecting rod or tighten nut.
3. The water outlet of the electric hot water tap is not correct or the water volume is reduced.
Cause of the fault: dirt or debris clogged in the rectifier filter.
Countermeasure: Put the rectifier bubbler down and clean the filter.
4. The bathtub and shower sprinkle water at the same time.
Cause: The valve body is reversed or there is debris in the nozzle.
Clogging countermeasures: Remove the spout, remove debris or break the wall before construction.
5. The water output of the shower is small, and the water output is fork or not correct.
Cause of failure: low water pressure or debris in the shower head.
Clogging countermeasures: Unscrew the shower and take out the throttle rubber or throttle O-ring of the shower inlet or clean the shower head.