What are the characteristics of electric hot water faucet (2)?

Release time:05-18-2020

1. Longer life of high-efficiency heat pipe: High-quali […]

1. Longer life of high-efficiency heat pipe: High-quality reinforced heat pipe has faster heat transfer and heat efficiency of more than 98.8%; it has more anti-pollution and anti-oxidation characteristics, protecting the heating pipe for a longer life.
2. 30% energy saving when the water is out of the water: the terminal water is hot, no preheating, no heat dissipation, no heat consumption, no heat preservation, four major energy saving, no waste of power at every point, overall energy saving 30%; no need to empty the pipe cold water Water saving 2.5-5L.
3. Healthy use of magnetized warm water: 100% fresh hot water with higher oxygen content. Using magnetized warm water is healthier for the human body.
4. The casing is flame-retardant and fire-resistant, and it is difficult to ignite with open flame. Make sure users use it safely.
5. Appearance similar to ceramics.
6. Save electricity and water to save money.
The electric hot water faucet is powered by water, fully automatic control, instant hot, no preheating, no waiting, no waste, one minute of hot water, only one penny for electricity, economical and cost-effective.