What are the characteristics of electric hot water faucet (1)?

Release time:05-11-2020

1. High-end electroplating fashion and luxury: humanize […]

1. High-end electroplating fashion and luxury: humanized kitchen and bathroom special design and modeling, classic and elegant, highlighting beauty and highlighting extraordinary.
2. Hot water can be used at any time: easy to open, hot in 5 seconds, continuous 24 hours a day, use it whenever you want.
3. It is convenient and fast for both hot and cold: the water temperature can be adjusted freely by you, the water pressure is sprayed, the water at the Longkou is balanced and powerful, and the hot water is more convenient and warm.
4. Intelligent temperature control over-temperature protection: reset and fuse-type dual temperature control system, intelligent thermal induction transfer temperature control, effectively achieve product safety and life and reduce after-sales service.
5. Protection switch leakage automatic control: current leakage, 0.1 seconds automatic trip to cut off the power supply, to protect personal safety.
6. Water and electricity isolation is safe and reliable: the unique internal structure design firmly separates the water flow space from the electrical system device.
7. High-pressure sealing is not leaking: DC inner channel, high-pressure sealing device to prevent water leakage.