Three kinds of fear should not prevent you from installing hands-free kitchen faucet

Release time:11-23-2019

Select the faucet instead of traditional hands-free fau […]

Select the faucet instead of traditional hands-free faucet for several reasons. Innovative sensor faucet may not be suitable for antique-style kitchen. Due to higher prices, not all budgets can afford. Perhaps the available models appearance may not appeal to you.

In these and similar cases, you will naturally prefer less complex faucet. On the other hand, if you are dreaming of using the hands-free kitchen faucet, but because of fear and indecision, then if there is no chance, it would be unfortunate. I will try to explain why some of the common fear that you can not stop.

Fear 1- faucet will automatically open and close.

And accidental activation from Kohler (Kohler) or Moen (Moen) and other modern non-contact taps trusted company is very clever, you can distinguish between the expected activation. However, there are some factors that can cause the faucet open. Sensor can, moving curtains or direct sunlight triggered by pets. Fluctuations in the power supply can also cause power is turned on.

Through a number of simple measures, these risks can be reduced to almost zero. Pets will soon learn not to close too close, because water will frighten them. You can organize and curtains block the sun.

Frequent power outages in the area, things can get a little complicated. If you tap the use of electricity, the uninterruptible power supply solutions may be helpful. But there are some tap as an alternative to provide battery power supply. This faucet can even be used in places without electricity.

Fear 2- faucet electricity can be potentially hazardous.

In practice, usually only the low voltage of 9 V in the non-contact type kitchen faucet. According to the most stringent requirements, this voltage is safe. Power supply only for the hands-free system, and there is no opportunity to spread to the faucet body or water. But even if you do, it will not cause any harm.

Some faucets use only AC power supply. Some other models can choose to use battery power. In terms of security, there is no difference.

Fear 3 - Install fear will be very complicated.

Except insofar as any conventional installation steps for all other faucets typically have only one additional step - to ensure power. If there is no power outlet near the sink, it may be necessary to use an extension cable. Please note, you will need to ground.