Three differences between small kitchen treasure and electric hot water tap

Release time:03-23-2019

1. Security aspects: Small kitchen treasures are genera […]

1. Security aspects:

Small kitchen treasures are generally installed near the basin, and some are installed under the basin. This requires the kitchen to have a good moisture and leakage prevention function. In order to prevent rust, the kitchen utensils are basically made of plastic casing, and the leakage protection switch is used at the same time.

In fact, many electric faucet products now have a better safety guarantee against leakage. Among them, for example, photo-ceramic technology, the special materials used in photo-ceramic technology can reduce the electrical loss of common metal materials, and more importantly, it plays an important role in the safety of human body. The photo-ceramic technology is different from ordinary electric heating heaters. Experts test, even if exposed to water, will not cause leakage accidents, as well as the application of leakage protection plugs, double protection.

2. Energy saving:

Electric faucets are more energy-efficient than Xiaochabao. According to reason, the hot water they supply is certain, but the electric faucet will only charge water when it is turned on, and after the kitchen is generally powered on, many friends are basically one day. Switch once, open in the morning, sleep at night, some friends simply turn on the power in the winter, and the power is turned off in March of the spring, and the switch can not be switched several times a year, so the heat lost during the heat preservation process is consumed in vain. Lost.

3. The price:

The kitchen is fully functional, with a temperature display and a circuit board, so the cost will be much higher than the electric faucet. In general, each person's preferences vary, and some people will choose the function of the small kitchen treasure, and some people will choose the electric faucet at a cheap price.