Thermostatic water heater vs thermostatic faucet

Release time:09-12-2019

         After the water heater, especially the aunt mo […]

         After the water heater, especially the aunt mothers at home, it is inseparable from the use of water. This is not so guilty. The new problem is coming again. There is hot water to use when unscrewing the faucet, but the cold water that flows away during waiting and the temperature of the cold and hot water are really troublesome, let alone the hot things like bathing. It is. Then the concept of constant temperature came into being.

        Now let's popularize the common constant temperature products for everyone. On-site market mainly has constant temperature water heaters and constant temperature faucets, all of which have the function of maintaining water temperature, but most people think that these two products are related? I don't know how to choose when I decorate. Many people will have the question "I need to install a constant temperature water heater when I install a constant temperature water heater" or "I don't need a constant temperature water heater when I install a constant temperature water heater." Indeed, what is the constant temperature water heater and the constant temperature faucet? I will study it with you carefully.
        Constant temperature gas water heater - to ensure that the water temperature is basically constant
        The constant temperature water heater refers to the fact that the inlet water flow rate and the inlet water temperature and the gas pressure change, in other words, under various changes, the user can still maintain a substantially constant outlet water temperature. Its working principle is to automatically adjust the gas flow rate and the fan speed by collecting the water temperature. The temperature control accuracy can reach an error of less than 1 degree, which is much more accurate than the constant temperature faucet. Moreover, the constant temperature gas water heater is generally temperature-controlled through the control panel, and the temperature is directly displayed on the electronic display. Very convenient and intuitive, and easy to operate. In general, the temperature is regulated between 35 and 60 degrees.

        The current constant temperature gas water heaters use the proportional valve type temperature control principle. There is a flow sensor in the pipeline of the water heater. This is the most critical component in which the water heater can achieve constant temperature. The flow sensor converts the water flow into a corresponding electrical signal and inputs this signal to the controller. Next, the controller adjusts the valve opening according to the intensity or frequency of the input signal, so that the gas flow rate changes in proportion to the water flow, thereby achieving the purpose of constant water temperature.
        Constant temperature faucet - automatic mixing and tempering of hot and cold water
        The thermostatic faucet can also be called a thermostatic faucet or a thermostatic mixing faucet. Its function is to automatically mix cold water and hot water into warm water with a preset temperature. This concept has appeared relatively late, and has undergone continuous improvement and progress. The earliest hot and cold water mixing faucet is a double knob faucet. We need to turn the knob for controlling cold water and hot water to adjust the water intake of hot and cold water to mix it into warm water requiring temperature. The second generation of hot and cold water mixing faucet is single. The handle faucet, its core is a ceramic sheet temperature regulating valve core, the user swings the handle to adjust the temperature of the mixed water, and the up and down swing handle can adjust the amount of water. However, when the water pressure of hot water or cold water suddenly changes, or when the temperature of the hot water suddenly changes, the above two types of mixing faucets must be manually adjusted to re-adjust the water temperature.


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