The reason why the instant electric water heater in winter always trips

Release time:12-14-2018

There are three reasons for the air switch tripping: ov […]

There are three reasons for the air switch tripping: overcurrent, short circuit, and leakage. The use of an instant electric water heater to trip is basically caused by overcurrent, and the overcurrent, that is, the actual current exceeds the rated current. Then why can I use the water heater normally before, and now I will trip when I use it? Isn't it the reason for the water heater?
Everyone knows that instant electric water heaters are high-power appliances. Most of them, when they are used, will automatically adjust the operating power with the change of inlet water temperature.

In winter, the temperature is lowered and the temperature of the water is also lowered. In the spring, summer and autumn, only 2000W-6000W is needed. In winter, the water heater is automatically adjusted to 8000W. The power increases and the current increases. Once the current increases, it exceeds The rated current of the line or air switch naturally trips.