The identification of the faucet faucet quality

Release time:06-15-2019

(1) It should be light, flexible and free of card resis […]

(1) It should be light, flexible and free of card resistance when turning or pulling the handle. The faucet with jamming is generally more or less quality problems, improper assembly, improper debugging, and some may even be It is assembled from inferior parts.
(2) Normally, the nozzle cannot recognize the leak before the water source is turned on, but it can basically achieve the purpose by checking the connection position of each joint. Because this looseness may be the direct cause of leakage of the nozzle.
(3) People generally do not like products with obvious defects on the surface, and the faucet is no exception. Therefore, it should be noted that there are burrs and scorching points formed on the surface of the nozzle due to poor plating quality, some parts are not coated, and there are no small holes and spots formed by poor casting quality.