The choice of hot faucet needs to be considered from the following aspects

Release time:09-29-2019

Safety performance   The safety problem of the hot wate […]

Safety performance
  The safety problem of the hot water tap is believed to be a problem that many friends are more concerned about. Because the electric energy used by the hot water faucet is heated, many friends are more worried about whether the faucet will conduct electricity. In fact, many fast faucet products now have a better safety guarantee against leakage. Among them, for example, photo-ceramic technology, special materials used in photo-ceramic technology can not only reduce the electrical loss of ordinary metal materials, but more importantly, it plays an important role in the safety of human body. Photo-ceramic technology is different from ordinary fast-heating heaters. Tested by experts, even if exposed to water, it will not cause leakage accidents, and the application of leakage protection plugs, double protection.

Typical security configuration:
  1. The product adopts advanced water cut-off and power-off technology structure design. When the product passes through the normal water pressure, the product is connected to the power supply. If the water is stopped or water is not used, the product will not be connected to the power supply; 2. The heating main unit is made of heat-resistant, flame-resistant, water-resistant and special insulating materials, and the water walking water path, electric walking circuit, and water and electricity are not mixed. Safety protection for separation of water and electricity;
  3. The design of electrical protection against electric shock isolation bin ensures the safety of electricity consumption of products;
  4. According to the National Quality Supervision Committee and China Quality Certification Center, the site designation test of the product. The certification standard for leakage current of 3C certification is 236V, ≤1.63mA (0.75mA/kw). The test results show that the leakage current of the water heater is 236V, ≤0.158mA. Even if there is an accidental leakage, its leakage current will not cause harm to the human body;
  5. The insurance company is entrusted to provide nationwide warranty services for personal and property accidents for the brand's products.