Seven coups teach you any choice of taps

Release time:07-27-2019

1. Shower tube: In order not to announce harsh movement […]

1. Shower tube: In order not to announce harsh movements, metal pipes should be prevented as much as possible.
2. Anti-calcification system: Calcium is accumulated in the shower head and the active cleaning system. The same situation also occurs on the faucet, where silicon is collected. The integrated air cleaner has an anti-calcification system that also prevents the device from being calcified internally.
3. Anti-backflow system: This system prevents dirty water from being sucked into the clean water pipe and consists of one layer of data. Equipment equipped with an anti-backflow system will be represented by a DVGW symbol outside the package.
4. Cleaning: Streamlined planning does not require too much cleaning. When cleaning, do not use decontamination powder, polishing powder and other coarse particles of detergent or nylon brush to clean, wipe with a suitably weakened shampoo, body wash cloth, rinse with water, wipe the faucet with a dry soft cloth.
5. Information: Stainless steel is clean and environmentally friendly. The chrome-plated equipment is easy to maintain and harmless to humans, but requires additional elements during the production process.
6. Durability: The anti-calcification system protects the equipment from water leakage and handle damage.
7. Patching: The various devices are completely different in terms of repair costs, and the information of some devices is not very simple. The repair is actually quite simple, just have the corresponding accessories, of course, there must be a structure diagram, otherwise you will not know how to put it back when you have finished the disassembly.