Number of issues related to market electric faucet tile

Release time:11-09-2019

1. Why do some manufacturers of electric faucet only 80 […]

1. Why do some manufacturers of electric faucet only 800-1500W? Some consumers feel that electrical power should be as small as possible, in line to see the power of the electric faucet 800-1500 particular interest that can be heated quickly, power and small, should be very good. In fact, bad business is relying on so-called low-power to lure consumers fooled. Insiders know that the principle of thermal electric faucet, the faucet is impossible to produce a less than 1800W. So, when you encounter such businesses, should pay more attention to, do not understand can ask more.

2,2000W of electric faucet shower hot enough? In consultation with our online customers 2000W electric faucet shower hot enough? Rather 2000W electric faucet shower is not enough, electric faucet shower summer requires more than 3000W, 3500W winter need more, so more comfortable shower.

3,2000W and 3000W electric faucet can use the same power line do? Meter and above 3000W power 1mm copper wire with the electric faucet 5 (10) A is; and above 3000W products need meter and 16A of 1.5mm copper wire.

4, power 2,3K is not very power?

① power tankless electric faucet are nominal power, the so-called nominal power is the greatest power products can be used, instead of the actual electricity power.

② power consumption = power * time product; 3KW even with such products, 15 minutes of continuous use, electricity is calculated by 0.5 yuan / degree. Final consumption = 3KW * 0.25H * 0.5 = 0.37 million. Electric faucet is that the heat, no warm-up ahead of time, energy saving. Electric power tap selecting different purposes: a, kitchen / bathroom used: vegetables, such as, washing, cleaning, hand washing, laundry and the like can be generally used 2000W-3000W. b, showers: bath, bath with electric faucet generally require 3000W-3500W products.