Analysis of Current Situation of Plumbing Industry in China and Measures to Promote Its Development

Release time:04-09-2018

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Analysis of the Status Quo of Plumbing Industry in China
In recent years, the booming real estate industry and construction decoration industry have provided a strong foundation and guarantee for the growth of plumbing and sanitary ware companies. The domestic plumbing sanitary market experienced a process from scratch, from disorder to scale. The development trend of the entire industry is relatively good, but there are problems such as the quality of the industry is too hard, the phenomenon of disorderly operation of the plumbing fittings market, the low quality of employees and lack of integrity.
1.1 domestic plumbing equipment difficult to cross the quality threshold
Architectural hardware Plumbing equipment usually refers to components used in water supply and drainage systems, heating systems, etc. for various public and private buildings. For example, all types of faucets, valves, fittings, pipes, seals, toilet tanks, etc. According to the “China Real Estate News” and “China Construction News”, it is reported that the quality of domestic taps needs to be improved. At present, new types of taps are emerging on the market, and some prices are still high. Domestic taps are tens of dollars cheaper and a few hundred dollars more expensive. The prices of fully imported products are generally on the order of thousands or even tens of thousands. Even so, imported products are still favored by many consumers. What are the reasons? An expert from the hardware industry association said that the difference between the prices of domestic and imported faucets is quite different. In addition to the factors of origin, there are still some differences in quality: Exterior. The appearance of imported products is smoother, smoother, smoother, and more modern and stylish. The second is the precision of spare parts assembly. Most of the imported products are made of bronze and domestically produced brass. The key for consumers to purchase is to look at the hand and feel that the switch should feel soft and effortless. If the hand feels awkward or too light, it means that the assembly structure is good. Don't blindly buy only low prices, low quality sub-faucet easy to rust, short life.
1.2 over-reliance on foreign brands
Domestic brands have already achieved certain strengths in terms of product quality and branding, but they are still facing difficulties in entering domestic high-end building decoration projects. As a five-star hotel for major consumers in the domestic high-end market, their decoration projects mainly selected international plumbing sanitary ware brands instead of local products when purchasing plumbing sanitary products. This is a domestic plumbing and sanitary ware industry that has to face and ponder. Cruel status quo. When the brand is integrated, those brands with low technological content and no research ability, and those who rely on counterfeiting and low-cost impact on the market will die within the next two or three years, and then gradually form a situation in which well-known brands dominate the world.
1.3 The disorder of the plumbing accessories market is serious
In the current Chinese plumbing accessories market, the phenomenon of disorderly business is very serious. From the production field, accessories, accessories, counterfeit parts and counterfeit parts produced by spare parts production companies that are approved by production companies flow into the market together; from the perspective of import channels, the channels imported are approved by foreign manufacturers. Accessories, formal channels imported without foreign manufacturers approved accessories, non-formal channels imported by foreign manufacturers approved accessories, non-formal channels imported without the approval of foreign manufacturers and other accessories are all called "original authentic" The banner rushed into the domestic accessories market. From the perspective of the operating industry, some people are legally operating, but some business owners have resorted to resorting to methods, being slovenly, swindling and cheating, which makes it difficult to prevent them.
1.4 Rising raw material prices impact business operations
In 2012, China's plumbing and sanitary ware market is facing many thorns. In the past few years, the prices of ceramic plumbing sanitary raw materials have basically kept a certain degree of increase, but as the financial crisis has swept the world, inflation and the state's multiple adjustments to the ore industry, Since last year, the prices of raw materials for ceramic sanitary plumbing, especially chemical raw materials, have risen like rockets. On the one hand, the rising cost of production and the sluggish market on the other, ceramic sanitary plumbing companies have become increasingly difficult in such an industry. The continuous price increase of raw materials has greatly impacted the ceramic plumbing sanitary companies. In addition to the soaring cost of raw materials, ceramic sanitary plumbing companies also suffer from the shortage of raw materials. SMEs are miserable. Raw materials continue to rise, workers’ wages have been adjusted, store sales have increased by 15%, production and operating costs have increased by 10%, and the rapid increase in costs has caused companies to suffer. Coupled with fierce market competition, overcapacity, a lack of consumer purchases, and a backlog of inventory, it ultimately led to the failure of timely withdrawal of investment funds. If the cash flow is not working properly, there will be cassettes in the operation of the industry chain, and it will be difficult to absorb the problem of rising costs through product terminal prices.
2. The direction of development and measures to promote its development
2.1 Development Trend of Plumbing Industry in China
The development trend of our construction hardware plumbing equipment industry is based on the premise of saving water and energy. The national industrial policy also clearly requires the plumbing equipment industry. In the future, new products should be developed to save water and energy. Therefore, research and development of new products must first consider water-saving energy-saving measures. Due to the severe shortage of water resources in China, there is relatively little energy, and water saving and energy saving are the basic national policies of our country. Second, we must cooperate with the housing industry to realize modernization policies. Residential commercialization puts forward higher requirements for the use of residential functions and living environment. The functions of residences must be supported, systemized, and standardized. The company must use technological innovation and the overall innovation of functions and supporting systems as well as the overall development of functions and supporting systems. Develop system technology. The third must be in line with international advanced technology. The research and development of new products should clarify the level of international advanced technology. In the research and development process, it should consider once reaching the international advanced technology level. In addition, marketing tools focus on the development of e-commerce.
2.2 Measures to Promote the Development of the Plumbing Industry
2.2.1 Strengthen ideological and moral construction and improve the quality of employees
Establish a solid integrity system, great social morality construction efforts, and increase professional ethics construction. On the one hand, professional ethics embodies the diversity and specificity of certain social or class moral behavior adjustments. On the other hand, it is only a certain aspect of certain social or class morality that is professionalized within the limits of people's specific activities. Professional ethics always express clearly the obligations and professional responsibilities, as well as the ethical principles of professional behavior. The progress and development of professional ethics will surely alcoholize social life and purify social life, so that the moral outlook of the entire society will continue to progress and develop. Plumbing industry practitioners have high professional ethics in order to promote the development of the industry. At the same time, it has increased the family morality and the construction of a moral character; the employees of the plumbing industry have good family virtues and personal morality, and they can carry out their work in good faith and establish a good image. The husband and wife can help each other, and parents can teach and influence their children. If employees have bad credit records or misbehaviors, they will directly affect family stability and have a negative impact on their children. Therefore, employees in this industry must establish good values ​​and increase personal moral cultivation. In this way, the quality of practitioners can be gradually improved and the development of the plumbing industry in a better direction can be promoted.
2.2.2 The corresponding system and policy guarantee
(1) Improve market order.
Improve access standards for the plumbing industry, strengthen supervision of the industry, and rectify employees. In day-to-day management work, there must be frequent contacts with the departments of industry and commerce, prices, technical supervision, labor and security, and it is very important to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with these horizontal departments. In particular, in large-scale market rectification activities, the public security, urban management, industry and commerce, and the power of these departments can be properly used to help rectify and maintain the market order with the help of the municipal comprehensive law enforcement agency.
(2) Further standardize business operations and strengthen market supervision mechanisms.
The Company regulated and rectified the accessories market, severely investigated counterfeit and shoddy accessories, cut off counterfeit and shoddy accessories from the source, entered the market, and eliminated parts with potential safety hazards from entering the market. Once discovered, it was seriously dealt with.
(3) To form a concerted effort to enhance the overall construction of the brand effect.
Plumbing industry integrates resources to become bigger and stronger, collectively respond to challenges, use chain-based high-value-added e-commerce and flagship store business models, while focusing on building brand awareness, increase investment, improve product technology content, and provide humane intelligence Innovative content, such as design, can be invincible.