How to choose a quality instant hot water faucet

Release time:03-15-2019

The division of the hot faucet: the hot faucet can be d […]

The division of the hot faucet: the hot faucet can be divided into all steel and semi-steel according to the material.

1. When purchasing, you can gently turn the faucet handle to see if there is any gap between the faucet and the switch. Generally, the quality of the faucet with no gaps, easy and unobstructed, and no slipping is good. In addition, observe the components of the faucet, especially the main components.

2, look at the appearance: high-quality instant faucets are mostly processed fine, the surface metal plating has a good finish, close to the mirror effect, from a different perspective, the reflection curve is smooth.

3, look at the mark: the faucet produced by the regular manufacturer, the package should clearly write the manufacturer's detailed address and contact information, the informal manufacturers' products or fake products are often only attached with some paper labels, the manufacturer's address is mostly not too Specifically, be sure to pay attention when purchasing.

4, listening to the sound: a good faucet should be the overall casting of copper, knocking up the sound dull, if the sound is very brittle, it is made of stainless steel, the quality is worse than a grade.

5, to see how long the preheating time needs, how much power consumption and other data, according to their own economic conditions, choose products that can be suitable for their own price.