How to carry out daily maintenance on the electric faucet?

Release time:06-08-2020

1. When installing an electric hot water faucet in a ne […]

1. When installing an electric hot water faucet in a new house, the sand and gravel impurities in the pipeline must be drained off first. So as not to block the impact on the water.
2. High-end electric hot water faucet head must be installed by experienced and qualified professionals. During installation, the faucet must not bump against hard objects, and cannot touch cement, glue, paint and other objects that wear, rot, or corrode the surface of the faucet.
3 After using the electric hot water faucet for a long time, the water output may be reduced. You can use a special tool to unscrew the bubbler, clean the filter and then put it back carefully.
4. It is especially important to lightly open and close lightly. Any reckless and deliberate actions may break the seal of the faucet and cause malfunction.
5. The faucet should always be wiped with soft cotton and water to ensure that the faucet is shiny. Try not to use detergent to clean it. Never use corrosive acid and alkali solutions.