Electric tankless water heater: your energy saving partner

Release time:03-06-2020

Did you know that almost 20% of your home energy costs […]

Did you know that almost 20% of your home energy costs are related to hot water used for different purposes? If that's the case, saving some energy for hot water can do a lot to reduce the number in electricity bills. With this, it is best to use a tankless electric water heater.
This heater is different in that it actually provides energy-saving, environmentally friendly hot water on demand. This is for a variety of reasons, which will explain how instantaneous water heaters work compared to conventional water heaters.
Conventional water heater
Conventional water heaters are water heaters used to maintain water tanks, which is nothing new for you. A water tank is an unused place where hot water is stored. This heating system keeps the temperature of the water in the water tank around 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. So it can be concluded that even if you are not using hot water; energy is still being consumed to maintain the temperature in the storage tank.
A lot of energy has been wasted in this process. Basically, this wasted energy for maintaining the temperature of the storage tank is called standby loss. Similarly, another thing that makes the system consume more energy is that once the hot water in the water tank is consumed, the cold water to be collected needs to be heated, thereby consuming another set of energy.
Tankless heater
It is seen that these tankless water heaters do not cause any standby loss like traditional water heaters. This is because the system is manufactured in such a way as to produce hot water.
The heater is specifically designed without any storage tanks. This means that hot water is provided only when needed. When the faucet or heating coil is turned on, it can heat a certain amount of water. Once the faucet is turned off, the heating coil will also stop. Therefore, the water heater does not require any energy when no one is using it.
However, this saving has the disadvantage that the heater is quite expensive on the market. However, according to research, even if you get a standard price at a low price, your expenses will increase due to inefficient energy consumption. In the long run, you can still save even more with this instant heater, even if the initial purchase is high.
Indeed, if you compare how the two systems work, you'll see how instant heaters can help you save energy. So if you happen to want to reduce energy costs, buying this heater is a very good idea. However, in addition to this amazing energy saving advantage, it can provide you with more benefits.
So when it comes to water heaters, tankless electric water heaters are your best choice. Not only will this help you with your billing, but more importantly, this step will also help your environment.

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