Electric faucet use eight small details that should be noted

Release time:12-29-2018

1. Before installing the electric hot water tap. To che […]

1. Before installing the electric hot water tap. To check the meter and circuit, of course, you can safely install and use it in the normal normal power environment. In winter, because the water is cooler, it is better to use a larger electric faucet.

2, in the summer is not often used electric faucet, this time if the power is removed, it must be protected from water splashing, can not wet the machine, of course, can not be avoided, always clean.

3. The three lines are usually left zero N, right fire L, and grounded connection. It is also prohibited to use it invert.

4. For the first time installation, open the faucet after installation, watch the water spray from the nozzle and then connect the power supply, then open the hot water position. If the envious lamp of the handle is blue, it is heating, if not bright Check the power or water pressure.

5. For the electric hot water tap, the water flow rate is used to control the temperature, and the water flow rate is controlled by the handle. The water volume is high and the temperature is low, the water flow rate is small and the temperature is high, but it cannot be too low, and the fuse is blown due to the high temperature.

6. It is best not to use temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius when using hot water.

7. When the faucet is overheated, do not rush to turn it off, but turn on the cold water to make the residual temperature flow out. This will extend the life of the use.

8. If the water in the water chamber of the electric faucet is likely to freeze, it is forbidden to connect the electric water to the electric faucet.