Electric faucet use and maintenance

Release time:08-31-2018

1. For the first time when the newly installed electric […]

1. For the first time when the newly installed electric faucet is used, we should clean the pipe with a toothbrush and then screw the faucet to the maximum. Use the pressure of tap water to flush out the dirt of the water pipe. This will ensure that it is clean and that the electric faucet is blocked.
2. After the electric faucet is installed, adjust the handle to the cold water position, then open the main valve. After seeing the water emerge from the hot water, plug in the power supply. In the later use, it is not necessary. Unplug the power cord and do not have to clean it.
3, electric hot water tap can not be wiped with a wet towel, but with a cotton rag.
4. Can not be cleaned with acid and alkaline substances. Because the electric faucet is painted with oil, acid and alkaline substances will react with it in particular.
5, do not use burr items to wipe the electric faucet, burr towel to scrub the surface of the electric faucet, will leave the batt, resulting in an unattractive appearance, and the rot will decompose the chemical substances that corrode the electric faucet.