Electric faucet tips

Release time:03-01-2019

For newly renovated houses, the water pipes need to be […]

For newly renovated houses, the water pipes need to be flushed before installing the electric hot water taps. This will prevent some garbage and residues in the pipes from being brought into the product. If you are replacing an old faucet, also clean the old water pipe. In particular, users who use iron water pipes should pay more attention to flushing the residual rust water to avoid affecting the use of hot water taps.

In addition, consumers need to know that the hot water and cold water temperature of the electric faucet can be regulated, and the temperature is inversely proportional to the water quantity. The higher the temperature, the smaller the water flow rate. Therefore, consumers may wish to adjust the amount of water and the temperature of the water according to the actual weather and water temperature.

If the hot water is used for a long time, the heating body will be heated and heated for a long time. When you stop using it, the heat of the heating body does not dissipate immediately, and the temperature is raised and maintained for a while. At this time, the heating body is actually in a "dry burning" state, and a long time will definitely reduce the service life of the product. At this time, as long as you turn off the hot water, turn the head to the direction of cold water for a second or two. The purpose of this is to accelerate the cooling of the heating body and return the temperature of the heating body of the product to normal.

The skill of using the electric faucet is very important. If it is not used well, it will affect the service life of the electric faucet and even cause a safety crisis.