Electric faucet spout disassembly method

Release time:02-10-2020

Suddenly found the home kitchen faucet electric water g […]

Suddenly found the home kitchen faucet electric water getting smaller and smaller, is not without water nor electric faucet is broken. There is such a phenomenon did not happen? In fact, this is the spout dirty to be cleaned warned oh. You might try to tap disassembled, cleaned, and maybe the problem will be eliminated Oh! Here we take a specific look at how to do this dismantling electric faucet spout it! The first step: never disassemble the faucets too tight, wring their hands do not move.

You can find a small wrench or a pipe wrench counter-clockwise down, unscrewed easier to handle. Step Two: After screwed down, to remove the sealing gasket inside and then from the outer face of the electric faucet threaded Push top side. A little harder to put the filter chip top out. The third step: the filter element out of the top, you will see the white plastic net, a little bit with this sharp knife to gently pry the plastic mesh along around. The intermediate can easily take off the white plastic filter. Step Four: Now enter the clean the filter, but also our demolition purposes. Clean the filter was hard plastic, large slag quality shook it off, but stuck in the filter is something you have to use one of the holes of a small needle poke. Step Five: After the cleaning is finished, press the demolition order we turn this electric faucet spout assembly.

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