Electric faucet should be used with caution

Release time:01-12-2019

1. There is a small circular filter at the hose joint u […]

1. There is a small circular filter at the hose joint under the faucet. If the time is long, it will accumulate a lot of residue and the water will not flow smoothly. This will not cause enough water pressure to cause the heating body inside the faucet to dry, which will seriously affect the faucet. The service life. The solution is to clean the filter once in a month or two.

2. The correct way to turn on the faucet is to open the right side and then slowly turn to the left. The correction is directly open to the left, because there is no water in the front of our faucet. If it is opened to the left, the heating element will heat up immediately, but the water may take one to two seconds from the water pipe to the filling of the faucet, so these two seconds The faucet is also in a dry state, and the long time will also affect the service life of the faucet.

3. Remember that the water outlet of the faucet cannot be connected to other water pipes. Some people may think of attaching a hose to the faucet outlet to facilitate the connection of water to other places. In fact, this is very incorrect. Now the pressure of the water storage chamber of the electric faucet is subject to standard. If a pipe is connected, it will increase its pressure to a large extent. If the pressure is large enough, the faucet may leak.