Electric faucet principle

Release time:05-12-2018

The Electric heating faucet, also known as an instant f […]

The Electric heating faucet, also known as an instant faucet or a quick-heat faucet, includes a faucet body and a flow control switch. The faucet body has a heating chamber and an electrical control chamber. The electrical control chamber and the heating chamber are separated by a sealing plate, and the electrical control cavity is A heating circuit is provided, and a heating tube is arranged in the heating chamber. The power of the heating tube is generally 2-3 KW. The hot water is heated in 3-5 seconds, and the heating tube is connected to the heating circuit. The heating tube is characterized in that: Insulated heating pipe; Insulated heating pipe for water and electricity isolation insulated heating pipe; Most faucet body for high temperature engineering plastic type, a small number of all metal type; Electrical control chamber with insulation water pressure switch; heating circuit with electrical switch , Electrical switch and insulated water pressure switch end connection, water power, water cut off; heating circuit is equipped with a temperature controller and anti-dry burning device; heating circuit can also be provided with leakage protection switch.

The electric faucet is controlled according to the fluidity of the water body. It is constant according to the switch. If the body is provided with a heating chamber and an electrical control chamber, it can be separated by a seal. At this time, the appliance functions as a heating circuit. Within a few minutes, the water can be heated and the efficiency is very high. More directly, there is an electrical switch in the heated circuit, connected to the end of the insulated water pressure switch. And this simple end connection is the principle of electrothermal water taps.