Electric faucet maintenance and FAQs electric faucet maintenance and maintenance FAQ

Release time:01-21-2020

1, the outlet must be opened Sheung, can check whether […]

1, the outlet must be opened Sheung, can check whether the water is discharged completely filled in the air bladder and the like; 2, must cut off the first row of unprecedented power;
  3, for built-in installation, inlet valve during the heating must be turned on; 4, just open the valve, do not put the water toward the direction of the human body.
  Electric faucet if you use a long time, if the user does not timely cleaning of the water heater tank, which would cause serious fouling heating pipes, electric heat tube is insufficient heating hot water is very slow to heat up, affecting the normal use, there is a local uneven heating when the accident occurred rupture has occurred, so the electric faucet for maintenance once a year. common problem
  1, using the most storage-type electric faucet may experience: Summer can wash a family of three, in the winter only wash a person (or even not enough). Why is there such a problem?
  First, we must understand the following temperatures: T1 tap water approximately 20-30 deg.] C in summer (take 25), approximately 5-8 winter deg.] C (taking 6) Average temperature of the hot water can be heated bath the water tank T2 42 ℃ temperature T3 can be set to specific values, then we take here 70 ℃ machine according to the formula V * (T3-T1) * = --------------- warm water utilization in 70L V of horizontal machines, www.kaie.net water utilization 0.8, for example, may be obtained against T2-T1 warm summer 70 * (70-25) * 0.8 ÷ (42-25) = 147.6L winter may be heated against 70 * ( 70-6) * 0.8 ÷ (42-6) = 99.6L bathroom ambient summer temperatures much higher than winter, winter furthermore been open shower in the bath, I think we now understand that "summer can wash a family of three, in winter only wash a person (or even not enough) "reasons of course, the above is calculated from a theoretical point of up to explain the reasons, the actual situation may be due to a variety of different, but basically we can understand why, too to achieve the purpose we require.
 2, the scale on the electric faucet temperature control knob to mark what does it mean the current mainstream use of electric faucet generally use mechanical thermostat and electronic temperature control two temperatures, electronically controlled water heater, we can easily display panel from the computer see the exact temperature of the hot water and we need to set the temperature. Mechanical temperature because there is no product on the display panel, you can not directly know the actual temperature of the hot water tank.

  Many users are not very clear on the label on the mechanical thermostat water heater, water heater is now under the current labeling for a simple explanation.

      Scale on the mechanical thermostat represented only symbolically indicated, it represents the temperature from low to high, some with 0,1,2,3,4,5 marked, showing some color from light to dark, with some The arrow indicates the like. (Speed ​​hot tap www.xy535.com) are generally indicative of the temperature from low to high. 1,2,3,4,5 herein does not mean shift, nor is the number of a block, only symbolically indicated temperature level, can not accurately display the current actual heat set temperature or the liner water temperature. The temperature of the temperature control knob during the shift is not to be set, but stepless adjustment, the maximum temperature of the heater is generally controlled between 70 deg.] C to 80 ℃, heater turns off if the knob to a minimum. For example, if a position opposite to the knob 3, not showing the set temperature is now 50 ℃, but only symbolic illustration of the temperature setting in temperature, can only say at about 50 ℃. Rather than what we think is just 50 ℃.
 In general, the water heater temperature in the state is the most energy efficient. The effect is more prominent especially in the summer, since the interior temperature of the water is not very high, and the outside temperature difference is small, the relative slow speed of heat dissipation, thereby extending the holding time, on the other hand, since the temperature is not high, the heating time short, can effectively save energy.
2, the heating, drip valve, what is the reason, whether or dangerous food upon heating, since the valve is closed, the outlet pipe is in a closed state, since the one-way valve is off, also the inlet pipe in the closed state. Thus at this time the liner is completely closed, the water heating tank expands, the volume becomes large, the pressure increases, the safety valve pressure is detected at this time becomes large to exceed the rated pressure, opens pressure relief vent hole drainage pressure to protect the liner. So there will be a safety valve dripping phenomenon we see. This is normal, there is no danger. Then you just need to use water hose to the safety valve of the bowl or directly to the floor drain can be. Congestion relief in any way is strictly prohibited.

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