Electric faucet installation method

Release time:09-21-2018

Step 1: First remove the original ordinary faucet. Firs […]

Step 1: First remove the original ordinary faucet. First, close the water pipe valve. After removing the original non-electric hot water dragon, clean the pipe interface with clean water to avoid excessive rust and form an infarction.

Step 2: Assembly Department
1. Connect the electric hot water faucet elbow to the electric faucet body first, and the machine will be fixed.
2. If you want to use the washbasin, then unscrew the nut of the main body inlet and fix the electric hot water faucet on the washbasin; if you do not use the washbasin, you can omit this step.
3. Then connect the electric faucet to the water pipe.

Step three: check
1. After installing the electric hot water tap, first open the water valve switch to check if there is water leakage at the joint.
2. Then turn on the electric hot water tap switch, discharge the water to the machine, and turn the hot and cold water switch back and forth several times.
3. After completely emptying the air bubbles in the empty machine, plug in the power again.
4. Adjust the hot water to the desired position, because the temperature of the hot water is regulated by the hot water size control switch. When the red light is on, it will indicate that the start is heated.