Electric faucet copper heating pipe in the end is good or stainless steel pipe

Release time:10-26-2019

 For electric faucet heating element materials have dif […]

 For electric faucet heating element materials have different kinds of argument, some people believe that copper more expensive than stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe better than; also suggested that high-strength stainless steel pipe better than copper; can be said that each manufacturer for their own They say their interests well.
I have engaged in electric water dragon industry has more than ten years, and now electric faucet heating pipe is used in stainless steel or copper pipe is good and good for a comprehensive comparison, so that consumers choose is made of stainless steel with copper heating pipes or heating pipe, not one-sided to listen to the internet some irresponsible individuals and manufacturers for their own interests to distort the facts, mislead consumers with false reasoning:
A comparison: comparative safety
Stainless steel is not easy to tensile strength of the hard, tube welded pipe is generally used, has a wall weld, this weld strength is not very good, prone to cracking, thereby heating phenomenon is easy to produce pipes and the drain pipe burst (of course with welding improvements in technology, technology in this area has been greatly improved, the quality of the product are guaranteed, the total probability is very small problem, but can not guarantee foolproof, especially poor water quality problems more easily place), Of course, you can say that there are seamless stainless pipe, this pipe quality is no problem, but the stainless steel seamless pipe prices several times more expensive than copper, so that there is no seamless stainless steel tubes on the market, unless the military there are special requirements with the above seamless tube; Shen copper relatively soft easy to pull, and therefore all seamless copper, easy leak, copper is not easily extended to apply a phenomenon good squib (as it Like balloon blowing more gas it is not critical), this point of view, stainless steel was not as good good copper.
Comparing: furring lifetime comparison
Well-known generation of scale is conditional, and not more than a 70-degree temperature of the water was flowing scale is easily formed. Electric faucet products using the principle of thermal i.e., the heated water is always flowing in the body, and the temperature typically does not exceed 60 degrees, so whether it is copper or stainless steel tubes are generally difficult to produce scale. However, normal use many electric tube Why would scale it, the main reason there are 2 aspects, one is the use of water quality is really bad, the other is to use the water temperature is too high, if the water temperature is too high, such as the use of more than 70 degree, heating the tube itself together with the heat, the temperature of the tap water after use may have a temperature of more than 80 degrees, the electric faucet after use without water flow, so this time most likely to furring, if the electric faucet finished using after washed with cold water at the inside of the heat away, it is not easy to produce scale. As can be seen, no furring junction depends on whether the water temperature and water flow, when the temperature is constant, depends on the heat of the heating tube, heating tube heat if small, it is less likely to scale, and therefore make the electric minimize heat pipe, two ways to start this, a material with good thermal conductivity, the heating tube is a made thinner (finer the heating pipe, the less the heat inside, since the central heating water from the pipe recent experiments show that the electric tube diameter φ6 waste heat from φ7 down heating pipes dropped by half, indicating that smaller with finer tube electric heat pipe, but meticulous withstand the heating pipes with relatively difficult , precision equipment demanding, finer heating pipe, the less the heat inside the product, the longer the life of the heating tubes), of course, copper is a good thermal conductivity than stainless steel, but the gap is small only 3-5 seconds, so although copper has the advantage, but the advantage is less obvious, but the life of electric heating also has a relationship with the size of the heat, the smaller electric heat pipe, heat accumulating inside the less, on the long life of electric heating . The end, and copper in the furring lifetime, although better than stainless steel tube, but there is no obvious advantage, only the heating tube is the last word and meticulous manner, which of course, requires the production of electric pipe manufacturers can produce out finer and safer pipe, and so that consumers really use better and safer products.