Disassembly and assembly method of electric hot water faucet

Release time:02-22-2020

Suddenly found that the water in the electric water fau […]

Suddenly found that the water in the electric water faucet in the kitchen at home was getting smaller and smaller. Has this ever happened? In fact, this is a warning that the water nozzle is dirty and needs cleaning. You may try to remove the water nozzle and clean it, maybe the problem will be eliminated! Let ’s take a closer look at the specific operation method of removing the electric hot water faucet! Step 1: The spout that has never been disassembled is tight and cannot be twisted by hand.

You can find a moving hand or small pipe wrench to unscrew it counterclockwise, and it will be easy to do it. Step 2: After unscrewing, remove the sealing rubber ring inside, and then push hard from the outside of the electric hot water tap to the threaded side. Push the filter chip out slightly. Step 3: After the filter element comes out, you will see the white plastic net. This slightly pry the plastic net around with a sharp knife. It is easy to remove the white plastic filter in the middle. Step 4: Now entering the step of cleaning the filter, which is also the purpose of our disassembly. Cleaning the plastic filter is very laborious, and the large slag is shaken and dropped, but the thing stuck in the filter must have a pin with a pin and a hole. Step 5: After cleaning is completed, we will assemble the electric hot water faucet in turn in the order of disassembly.


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