Compare prices and the waste heat of the electric faucet copper heating pipe

Release time:11-01-2019

As we all know a lot more than the density of stainless […]

As we all know a lot more than the density of stainless steel small copper, stainless steel and copper price is only about 1/3, and therefore do not
Stainless steel heating tube is much lower than the cost of copper, if not consider doing high-end products, stainless steel price to be significantly better than copper heating pipe, stainless steel pipe in this regard has certain advantages, it's like cars, millions there are also, there are tens of thousands,
Millions of car accelerates from 0 to about 60 yards just 6 seconds, while the average car accelerates from 0 to about 60 yards for 10-12 seconds, although he sent a few seconds, but to open the way to the feeling is not the same, the reason I think if you driven a car people will understand, if not much different from the point of view both in terms of use, and in the end choose what kind of heating depends on the choice of the consumers themselves.

What is electric heat pipe is heated -After stopping heating tube heating tube inside the heat will continue to distribute
Out, depending on the size of the heating tube inside the waste heat of the heat storage capacity, if a heating tube heating heat is taken away by the water, then heat the heating tube is very small (on the water as a heating wire, a heating heat was the water away, so no heat the heating wire, copper due to rapid heat conduction, a heat conduction of heat out of 3-5 seconds, i.e. stored heat inside the heating tube only 3-5 seconds, and the poor thermal conductivity of stainless steel tube One thing to 8-12 seconds, then stored in the heating pipes in heat have 8-12 seconds, so that the high number of stainless steel heat than copper (some say heat stainless steel tube is smaller than the copper market, it really is misleading to consumers), but this difference is not very obvious waste heat, waste heat electric tube should reduce the most direct and effective way is to heat the water directly on the heating wire, but because of China's water quality is not very good, the heating the water directly on the heating wire security risks, we can only ensure safety of the premise, as far as possible the heating pipe painstaking, the reduced diameter of the heating tube each 1mm, heating pipes on heat multiples decline.