How about a hot electric faucet?

Release time:04-09-2018

What are the equipments? What is good for kitchen appliances?

1. Is it safe to use an instant electric faucet?

The instant electric hot water faucet puts safety in the first place during the design and production process. The scientific and humanized safety six insurance ensures that it is completely safe in use:

1 Hydroelectric double isolation, withstand voltage 1500V or more - not afraid of "in case";

2 electrical suspension structure - from the structure to achieve "leakage does not hurt people";

3 high-sensitivity leakage protector - use technology to protect your safety;

4 outlet grounding - traditional and reliable protection measures;

5 anti-dry burning design - water pressure start circuit, water power, water cut off, effectively prevent dry burning;

6 anti-ultra-high pressure design - can be used in various places without worries.

2, can be installed directly on the tap water pipe?

Most of the municipal water pipes belong to 4 water outlets. This product is directly connected to the 4 taps (16-17 mm in diameter).

3, what are the characteristics of fast electric faucet?

More convenient: Instantly use hot water, no need to wait for the time to put the cold water in the water pipe to save more water; no need to let the cold water out of the water pipe before use, and it will not cause waste of water.

More energy saving: There is no excess hot water in the water pipe after use, which is more energy-efficient.

4、Is hot water faucet without water will not "burn" bad?

After the water heater is installed, if there is no water, the heating switch is not open, and the use of a water and electricity switch is to prevent dry burning.

5, how to adjust the temperature of fast electric faucet?

Because the power is fixed, the adjustment of the water temperature can only be regulated by the size of the water flow. That is, it is controlled by the faucet, and the water temperature at the large point is low. Generally meet the warm and comfortable water temperature when washing vegetables, at 30 to 50 degrees. Power = discharge flow x (outflow temperature - original temperature).

6. That is, the power of the hot electric faucet is very high. Is it very expensive?

The higher rated power of the water heater only means that he uses electricity for a moment, but the electricity bill is calculated according to the power consumption (power = power x time). He is even more economical than a storage-type electric water heater with low rated power.

The reason is: The terminal is heated without preheating and without insulation. That is, the rapid water heater only increases the temperature of the required water, that is to say, the heated water is fully utilized. With the use of the water, there is no waste of energy when the heat is used. The storage-type electric water heater must be warmed up first. For a long period of time, the inexhaustible amount of hot water has been placed there to dissipate heat. During these two periods and during use, heat is lost due to heat conduction and radiation. In general, obtaining the same water temperature and water quantity, the instant water heater saves more electricity than the storage water heater. The rapid thermal efficiency of electric water heaters is as high as 95%, and the conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy is almost entirely used. There is no waste. The other forms of hot water are not end-heated, not instantaneously heated, so there is also the need for pipe cooling, insulation, heat dissipation, etc. Wasted energy is a waste of heat energy, so this product is energy-efficient.

7. What is the minimum water pressure for fast electric water heaters?

The minimum water pressure of this product is 0.03Mpa, which means that if there is water on the second floor upstairs, this floor can certainly be used. Large water pressure regulates the water temperature better.