Can the electric faucet be used continuously?

Release time:01-26-2019

Yes, because this product is fast heating, no heat pres […]

Yes, because this product is fast heating, no heat preservation, water supply, water and power off, that is to say, when not in use, it will not be heated. When it is heated, it will be heated. How much water will be used to heat up the water. At the same time, the product is heated by water, and the heat generated by the electric heating element is completely flowed.

The water is taken away, so there is no heat accumulation, so even if it is used continuously for 24 hours a day, there is no problem.
8. Will the electric hot water tap be fouled?

No, because the scale needs to meet two major conditions at the same time: the water temperature needs to be more than 70 degrees for a long time, and the water is relatively static, while the electric faucet is heated by water, and the heated water is flowing. And the use temperature usually does not exceed 60 degrees, so generally not

Easy to produce scale. If you use the hot water after each use, turn the handle to the cold water stall for 5 seconds, and wash away the residual heat with cold water, which can effectively prevent scale generation and greatly extend the service life of the product.