Advantages of electric faucets

Release time:02-15-2019

1. that is, start the heat, cold and warm freely (open […]

1. that is, start the heat, cold and warm freely (open the faucet switch, only 3-5 seconds, hot water is coming, that is, the flow is hot, the water temperature can be adjusted at will)
2. water and electricity cut off safe and reliable (high-quality insulation, a few crystal electrical components manufacturing, high-quality thermal conductivity material with high heat rate, long life)
3. magnetized water quality is beneficial to health (specific water quality magnetization function, enhance water activity, remove scale, set up a water purification device, filter impurities in water)
4. save electricity and save water to save costs (water supply, full active control, that is, open heat, no warm-up, no waiting, no waste, use a minute of hot water)
5. to prevent dry burning Water temperature is adjustable (ceramic water pressure switch design and unique overheating shielding device to ensure that no water is not energized, to prevent dry burning disorder.)
6. Simple resettlement Easy to use (can be conveniently placed with each household, replace the original faucet, in the cold season, the faucet switch can be turned to the hot water status, you can use the non-stop hot water)