Advantages of comparing fast electric water heaters with storage electric water heaters (1)

Release time:04-03-2020

  ① Water saving is 50%, power saving is 30%, and energ […]

  ① Water saving is 50%, power saving is 30%, and energy utilization rate is> 95%. Because this faucet uses terminal heating method, it is hot immediately after opening, no preheating, no insulation, no pipeline heat loss, saving water storage water heater The heat loss of the pipeline connected to the terminal faucet caused by the centralized water supply is 10-20%, saving 10-20% of its own thermal insulation loss, and 10-20% of the remaining thermal energy of the pipeline
   ② Inexpensive and cheap, the price is only less than half of the storage water heater. The lowest price of the product is less than 500 yuan, which is much lower than the above products. Of course, this price is also very competitive in the industry. This is because after our products pass the 3H3L system, the scale benefits of the products have been brought into full play, thereby achieving small product size, light weight, technical precision and large output , Low batch cost, high market purchase rate and other advantages