6 advantages of hot water faucets

Release time:05-18-2018

1, without preheating, without waiting Whenever the wat […]

1, without preheating, without waiting
Whenever the water tap is turned on, a suitable temperature hot water supply can be provided in a few seconds, which is very quick and convenient, and meets the fast-paced life needs of modern people. The most important thing is saving people valuable time. If you want to use it for as long as you can, the power of 2100 watts is only one minute and six cents per minute. It takes less than five minutes to wash your face in three minutes. It is really saving water and electricity. Applicable to hotels, hotels, guest houses, beauty salons and home kitchen and bathroom, and the overall kitchen cabinet supporting nice, highlight fashion.

2, energy saving
Since the hot-water faucets do not have to be pre-heated in advance, there is no loss of heat energy during preheating, they are closed when they are not in use, and how much water is used for how much water is used, and there is no excess heat remaining in the storage water heater. The energy consumption of water really saves energy, saves energy, and saves water. In general, instant-type electric water heaters save 30%-50% of electricity compared to conventional electric water heaters. Therefore, the country classifies such products as energy-saving products. In the absence of water and electricity, it is undoubtedly very important to promote this product. This is also a factor that most consumers consider when choosing instant electric hot water taps.

3, safety and environmental protection
Hydropower isolation technology, water power, water cut off, ground protection and other measures, patented circuit, magnetization anti-scaling, over-temperature power, safe and reliable!

4, small size, noble appearance, easy installation, save space
Because the Electric heating faucet does not need to be warmed up in advance, it does not need a bulky tank and insulation layer in design. Most of them are small, lightweight, easy to install, save space and save materials. In addition, the high-end products in the hot-type electric faucets are mostly humanized, streamlined, noble and elegant, and are welcomed by fashionistas.

5, the water temperature is constant, comfortable to use
As long as the initial adjustment of the water temperature will be constant temperature and constant flow.

6, not easy to scale, long life
The electric hot water faucet cold water is heated directly after passing through the heating body, belonging to "living water", the scale is not easy to stay, the hot water temperature is generally not higher than 65C, so the scale in the water heater inside the pipeline is not easy to form, and then, that is, The heating electric faucet in the heating process machine body temperature rise is not very high, so that the water and heating body damage rate will be reduced accordingly, so that the life of electric water heater is longer than the traditional type electric water heater, usually traditional Electric water heater 2-3 times.